Chamber ensemble «Baroque»

by People's artist of the USSR

Igor Popkov


The first concert of chamber ensemble “Baroque” took place in September, 1968. Over the 50 years of creative activity the ensemble gave 4000 concerts and won recognition and reputation of one of the best bands both in and outside Russia.

Ensemble’s repertoire is broad and unique: almost all of the European national schools of XVII – XVIII centuries and Russian chamber music of XVIII – early XIX centuries are represented. Thanks to the ensemble the unfairly forgotten early Russian and Slavic music has revived, the works of M. Berezovskiy, D. Bortnyanskiy, V. Pashkevich, Е. Fomin, O. Kozlovskiy, М. Vielgorsliy, A. Alabyev were brought back to life. A significant place in concert programs is occupied by works of Baroque music representatives – A. Vivaldi, G. Handel, G.Teleman and others. Particular attention is paid to the works of the great German composer Johann Sebastian Bach.

Ensemble “Baroque” constantly enriches its repertoire: in addition to outstanding examples of ancient music, works written specifically for the ensemble by contemporary authors are being played.

Ensemble was the first in Russia to perform in the museum space, picking concert program corresponding to the subject of shows. Some concerts are musical fairy tales performed specifically for the kids. Ensemble participates in charity events.

Baroque’s touring geography is extremely broad. Over the years of its artistic career the band performed in all Russian regions, CIS countries, had continued success in Europe, America, Asia and Africa.

High level of excellence of ensemble playing, professional level of each performer, hard creative work and the love for their work have been reflected in the public’s gratitude and numerous press reviews:

“…The best concert of the season. Musicians from Russia showed themselves...”

«The Birmingham News», U.S.A.

“…It was one of those concerts when, plunging into lovely music…”

«The Manhattan Mercury», U.S.A.

“…Five Russian musicians have delighted listeners…”

«Nürnberger Nachrichten», Germany

“…Excellent chamber music. Each artist…”

«Birmingham Post-Herald», U.S.A.

“… All artists are virtuosos who have…”

«Der Tagesspiegel», Germany

“…The ensemble showed a deep insight into the Baroque style…”

«Magyar Hirlap», Hungary

“…Until the XIX century musical culture in Russia was entirely…”

«The Ann Arbor News», U.S.A.

“…After the great success of «Musici di Roma» performance…”

«Abendzeitung», Germany

“…Perfect musical instruments grasp, impeccable taste, virtuosity…”

«Magyar Nemzet», Hungary

The ensemble "Baroque" discovers new cities and venues with great pleasure, appreciates every listener and tries to interest new ones to give them a special emotion from performing musical masterpieces, stir interest and desire to attend a concert again and again.